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Do you think your habits are holding you back?

Whether it’s a New Years Resolution that has gone by the wayside or you are thinking about Feb Fast which is quickly approaching, there is something that all of us could be better off living without.

Of course the classic examples of ‘bad habits’ are excessive alcohol intake, drinking more coffee then recommended, sugar consumption, etc, get my drift? There are also other things that we do in our daily lives which essentially, are not good for us that we ignore. So deeply programmed into our being, it would seem that we don’t even think of them as a learned behaviour.

For some this might be limited self belief, continually staying in unhealthy relationships, communicating with others in an unconscious way, obsessive cleaning, placing expectations on others and more.

Some of us may even habitually create obsticals in our lives, which bring about a sense of overwhelm. An example of this might be; dumping everything on your kitchen bench when you get home, with a plan to put it away later. You then go to prepare dinner and you are faced with a kitchen full of mess, which needs to be cleared before cooking. Instantly you are filled with frustration and make a decision to be cranky, or order take out.

Our busy lives are such, that habits are created all the time. They sneak into our lives like dust balls on a freshly swept floor, and create little piles of dirt. Almost invisible at first, they gently grow, surrounding our space until it is visibly filthy. Before we know it we need to get the vacuum out and suck it all up. The floor then appears clean, but the dust is hidden within the vacuum cleaner. Not always totally dealt with.

The trick is to empty that vacuum bag into the bin and get rid of it!

Temporarily letting of a habit, may have short term emotional and physical benefits. However long term commitment to change, is the magic that will really enhance your life.

I have spent 20 years, consciously working on personal change. I am still awork in progress. Sometimes I totally rock it, other times it can be a huge struggle.

The main thing I have found success with, is letting go of the ideals set by my family of origin, instead creating my own, which are organic and keep growing. Allowing change to move through my life freely, has opened my heart to self love, acceptance and freedom of choice.

Feb Fast is a great initiative, which raises money for all sorts of wonderful causes including mental health and addiction. I’ve included a link here for you if you would like to take a look at their site.

While I am not affiliated with Feb fast in anyway, I am all for kicking habits!

During February, I will be on board to share techniques with those of you who would like support in giving up a habit for good.

If you are interested let me know and I will put you on the list for this group and send you the details.

My goal here is to help more and more people to become their best selves. My motive, we are all worth it!

Blessed be


January 22nd 2019