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Are you concerned that you might not know what to do, once you have given up a habit?

How do you celebrate without sharing food and a drink? How could you have a cheese platter while being dairy free? How do you feel loved if you have let go of that one (toxic) person in your life and now you feel alone?

All big questions, all can leave you with a feeling of loss.

Letting go, of a habit, can feel like letting go of a companion.

I can tell you from personal experience it is all about perspective. Letting go, can be absolutely freeing, opening up your world to new adventures, a sparkly outlook and a love for yourself that you never knew existed.

Awen’s next course, will have a beautiful focus on letting go, replacing and loving your life, free from whatever is not serving you.

In this group we will support each other and grow together.

Is it time you put your thinking cap on and really asked yourself the question? “What do I really need to do to set myself free?



January 24th 2019