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Awen’s Transcendence Treatment, is quickly becoming my most requested item on the menu.

This is the ultimate Awen Massage Experience. A ritual where your body, mind and spirit will be honored, within the space, your whole being treated as sacred.

Your treatment will be different every time, you will be coached to set your intention for your treatment, guided though a connective meditation, before experiencing massage techniques from all around the world to honor your body, a space clearing to facilitate a space for truly surrendering to stillness and gentle reiki treatment to allow you to feel loved, fulfilled and nurtured prior to leaving.

Techniques will vary from person to person, however the sacred experience will always remain.

This is all about honouring you as a whole person. Surrendering is the key.

If you’re really want to let go, this is the one for you. Bookings are available this month.

February 25th 2019