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The Gohan Ceramic Diffuser is the best!

If you are like me, you love Essential Oils. Not only for their beautiful aroma but also for theirhealing qualities.

Visitors to Awen always comment on the beautiful aroma when they walk in. I am a lover of the the sensory world, so I really enjoy creating new sensations and experiences for my clients ( and myself ) to enjoy.

If you haven’t heard of ‘Perfect Potion’ you’ve been missing out! I can tell you that their products are just beautiful. Simply packaged, Perfect Potion is an Australian brand who creates an innovative and holistic range of natural therapy products, which will not only nurture the body, mind and spirit, but also respects the delicate balance of our environment.

I fell in love with their Chakra Balancing essential oil package first, which lead me to visit their beautiful store in Bondi Junction. I was drawn to linger much longer then I expected to as I played with their beautiful skin care, sipped some divine herbal tea and endulged in a lovely sensory experience.

Dappled thoroughout the store was a variety of Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers. Now, If you already own a diffuser, you will already know that the aroma that gently wafts through your space will lift your senses and enhance your well being which is great. What I want you to check though, is whether or not your diffuser is Ultrasonic.

Ordinary diffusers simply diffuse the oil and omit a fine mist, which pushes aroma through your space. If you really want to feel uplifted an ultrasonic diffuser is the way to go. An ultrasonic diffuser negates the positive ions which can be detrimental to our health. These positive ions are present because of electronics, plastic and other polluting chemicals in our environment.

Here is the good news, after visiting Perfect Potion’s beautiful store, I really felt it was the perfect fit for Awen, I came home and wrote to them straight away. After they took took time to research little old Awen they too found that we are a perfect fit! I have now been authorised to not only use their beautiful skincare for Awen’s treatments but also to stock their gorgeous products so that you guys can take the experience home with you!

So, this week I am putting together my first order! How exciting! I will be ordering the 2 items I fell in love with first, the Gohan Ceramic Diffuser, ( available in Black and White, $94.95) although there is a wait on the white one as it’s super popular. I’m also ordering the Chakra Balancing Essential oils kit ($89.95)

This kit contains seven 5ml chakra blends made from the finest quality aromatherapy grade essential oils:

balance blend: base chakra

allure blend: sacral chakra

harmony blend: solar plexus chakra

compassion blend: heart chakra

expressive blend: throat chakra

insight blend: third eye chakra

cosmic blend: crown chakra

Includes the Practical Guide to Chakras and Aromatherapy booklet

I’m really looking forward to sharing this products with you, and hope to be using Perfect Potion Skin Care for all facial Treatments by the end of next week. I am slowly adding the range to Awen’s online Store, so that you can select what you would like to order and then pick up at Awen ( or I can arrange deliver for you).

I’d like to offer you 10% off your first order, so have a look at what is listed so far and email, or message me your order. This offer is valid until Monday 20 May.

I will continue to add products until Sunday 19th.

If you have any questions about the products, the range or what will be on offer please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m sure these products well really enhance your experience here at Awen, I hope you fall in love with them as I have!

Kindest blessings


May 15th 2019