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This is beautiful mercury. ✨

This gorgeous looking planet is now in retrograde. This means that from the earth it appears to be traveling backwards.

If you follow astrology, you may have heard that this can cause all sorts of hiccups. Mercury rules communication, so when it is retrograde, we seem to experience all sorts of interference in this area. Emails can go missing, the written and spoken word can be misinterpreted, computers and phones can play up, apps can go missing on your phone. It is also know to impact travel, causing interruptions, and electrical items have a habit of breaking down.

Many people have a little freak out whenever mercury is in retro, but here is another point of view.

When a planet is in retrograde, it’s traits present themselves to you at an internal level. To get the most out of mercury in retrograde, look at your internal communication. Have a conversation with yourself before making decisions, listen to that beautiful inner dialogue that we all have and really hear what it is saying.

This can be a good time to journal, and insight might shine through in doing so.

Double check all of your travel plans, as well as any documents that you sign, or other communication, particularly the written word or anything you put up on line.

You might like to take note of the way this planet effects you so that you are aware of your reaction next time round. If you are wondering how long this will last? Retrograde will end on 18 March, but there will be a period of transition before you feel everything is right again.

Of all the planets, we often feel the impact of Mercury’s retrograde most, it will happen 4 times this year so use it to your advantage.

Have a gorgeous day everyone!

Angela. X

February 18th 2020