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Are you tired of being bombarded with ‘New Year, New You’ inspiration on social media.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? The word resolution is defined as ‘to make a firm decision to do or not do something’. You may like to ponder that for a moment.

I cannot remember a year in my adult life, where I have not thought about becoming better as New Year’s Eve ticked over. I have written lists and set goals. I used to think about becoming kinder, giving up a habit, looking after my health, work goals, family goals and more.

What I have found, is the more I let go, the better the results.

I believe we are all born a perfect shining light.

Then life happens. Our light becomes obstructed by emotions, expectations, triumphs and failures.

We become what we see in the mirror. A human carrying emotional baggage, weighed down by the the expectations of our own and others. We carry with us shimmering trophies of our successes and the heavy burden of our failures.

Our shining light is dimmed, we yearn for change. Yet, so many of us seem to hurtle toward New Years Eve hurting. Having one last party, one last drink, one last excessive meal, one last social engagement that we are too exhausted to attend.

New Year’s Day arrives ever so gently, we wake weary, some with a hurting head, some with a hurting heart and we resolve to change. To release our imperfections, let go of the baggage, to strive to be the best we can. Here is a new beginning, another cycle of the same old stuff.

What if you made no resolutions for 2019?

Your perfect inner light, is glowing, always.

Here is another definition for you, perfect; ‘having all the desirable elements, qualities or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.’

Meditation has taught me the following;

  • I cannot be defined by my emotional baggage.
  • I am not a result of my own expectations, or those of my family of origin.
  • I am not the success of my education, financial status, or my physical abilities.
  • I am not anchored by my failures, habits, or regrets.

I am in fact a bright shining perfect light. I am love, with no beginning and no ending. I am all knowing, I have all that I need.

With this knowledge, I have no need for resolutions. When I meditate and connect with this knowledge, I naturally tend, to my needs with compassion, love and forgiveness. I nurture my body, my mind and my spirit. It is easy.

Let’s be real though, I am human. So, I absolutely stuff this up, often. (So annoying!)

I fall into taking the path of the least resistance and reach for another handful of food I don’t need. I buy another item that is not necessary, in search for the instant satisfaction that will make my life better, for a moment. Just one moment.

Meditation allows me to strip away the layers, to sit with my perfect light and connect with the greater good. It allows me to simply be me, without the need to change in anyway. It allows me to love myself and everything around me unconditionally.

When I do this I am a light that shines forever. I can reach all corners of the earth, and beyond.

When I open my eyes. I feel the need to nurture and love myself more then ever before.

My life becomes exactly what is perfect for me.

I am satisfied and full.

There is no need to search for a new you this new year.

There is no need to change a thing about yourself. Just peel away the layers. Let your perfect inner light glow, luminous, effervescent.

I cannot wait to see it.

Angela x

Posted 29 weeks ago