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People start to heal the moment they feel heard.

Hundreds of people walk through the doors of the Awen room every year. What I have found is that there is a pattern of lingering. For some reason the Awen room seesms to provide a sanctuary to many, giving them space not only for their treatments and classes, Awen is a space where people like to share.

Many of my clients like to linger, telling stories of their personal struggles, triumphs, relationship issues, health worries. Some like to share recipes, others like to share stories of holidays or adventures.

Some of my clients have social anxiety, PTSD, and intimacy issues, but they share. Some clients are social butterflies on the surface, but have no one to talk to about personal issues, they need a shoulder to cry on. A space for emotional release. Some are lonely, some are shy. For whatever reason, my ‘lingerers’ (said with the greatest respect and affection) like to stay.

I allow time between my clients and classes, to check in pre and post treatment. In fact I leave 30 mins between each client.

This provides time for a ‘quick’ chat (10 mins) after treatment.

I then need to use 10 mins to reset the room, changing linen, put towels in the washing machine, hang out the previous load, make tea, a space clearing for the treatment area, and a ‘very’ quick bathroom break.

Then the last 10 mins is used to meet and great my next client. Phew, those stairs and that little rush keeps me fit. 30 minutes is greatly shortened, and pushing people out the door is something that I really feel uncomfortable doing.

I cannot ignore the need for people to feel heard. I appreciate and respect this need.

So, I have decided to offer my ears, my heart and my time to listen. Introducing A Cuppa With Ange

I am setting aside 45 mins per week, to have a chat and a cup of tea with whomever would like to join me. This is one on one time, no strings attached. No counselling, no judgment, no therapy, no selling.

I am here just to listen to whatever you want to talk about. Think of it like a cup of tea with a friend. I am not charging a fee for listening, if you would like to make a contribution financially you are welcome to, if you are unable to, that is absolutely ok as well, I really want to provide a trusted space for you to feel heard, that is payment enough for me.

It is time for you to come and visit me, it will be casual, and we can just chat about whatever you want.

  • At this point, there will be one ‘Cuppa with Ange’ per week that I can afford to give, so you will need to book in. I haven’t thought of the best way to do this yet, so let’s just say, that you send me an email, and a day that suits you and we can find a time.

I am looking forward to seeing you, sharing and hope so much that you can take time to enjoy my new offering. Click the link above to send me an email.

Blessed be

Angela x

Posted 23 weeks ago