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Awen Natural Life

Little snippets of info to help you live a balanced lifestyle

“This course has changed my life!”

That is what Melinda said after completing her 6 weeks of Awen’s Journey of Discovery course. Melinda, isn’t a meditator, she doesn’t even keep a journal. However the tools, steps and insight she obtained in this course, really gave her what she needed to let go of old thoughts and habits, and move forward into her bright new future.

This is a course for everyone. Within this 6 week period I share with you, my favourite, (tried and tested) ideas and techniques to help you become your ‘best self’.

Some of the skills you may pick up are how to;

🌿Learn to trust your intuition.

🌿Get to know yourself deeply.

🌿Discover new ways to release stress.

🌿Find ways to support yourself in every day life, and in complex situations.

🌿Change the way you communicate.

🌿Bring positive change, love, and trust into your life.

I’d love to see you there!

Monday evenings, 7pm, 6 weeks.


$180 (weekly payments available, (paid one week in advance)

Book by replying to this email or online by clicking book now.

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Posted 22 weeks ago