The philosophy in The Awen Room is to offer holistic services, that treat the mind, body and soul all at once.  This is something that I am passionate about.   Which is why after a long time searching I have decided to use a range of natural, Australian made skincare products for all of our facial treatments.  

Juniper's products are formulated on a regular basis and delivered within days of completion, so you know that you are receiving fresh, high quality ingredients every time.   All Juniper products are Vegan, Organic, and certified Fair Trade.  

Also inuse, are amazing products from Edible Beauty whose secret is beauty from the inside out and IKOU which is made locally here in the mountains.  

They feel good, smell good and give beautiful results. 


Awen Natural Therapies Facial

Express Facial


This lovely treatment can be added on to any of our massage treatments.  After your skin is assessed, your therapist will carefully select a range of products to suit your individual skin type.  You will receive a warm compress, cleanse, hydrating mist, exfoliation, facial massage and moisture treatment.  

Balance (Awen's Signature Facial)


Calm your mind, and body as you settle in for an hour of 'you time'.  This is a totally individualised treatment and can be different each time you visit depending on what it is that you need.  With a focus on creating a feeling of calm, peace and happiness you will receive all of our express steps, plus a specially selected mask, specialised serum or oil, foot or hand massage, and our much requested 'Relaxing Scalp Treatment'.  You will leave feeling pampered, tension released and light on your feet.