Meditation Classes

Term 3 Starts Monday 24 July

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Introduction to Meditation

 WEDNESDAY 25 JULY 6 Week Course

$114 for 6 weeks. 

10am and 7pm classes.

(no casual attendance allowed)

A beautiful 6 week course where you will be introduced to a new stage in meditation each week.
Each class include a hand out covering the lesson, a full length guided meditation, time for reflection during a shared tea ceremony.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring with you a pair of socks, and a note book or journal dedicated to the class, and a pen.

Sunday Morning Freestyle


The perfect way to start your Sunday.

This class is perfect for people who struggle to meditate, as well as beginners. We will start with the absolute foundations of grounding yourself and relaxation to enable to build the foundation of a good meditation practice that you can use in every day life.

 It is preferable that you book into a whole terms worth of classes. This allows preparation of classes to suit the students, it also creates a safe and familiar environment for those who participate.

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Awen's Journey of Discovery

Tuesday Evenings at 7pm

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This wonderful course takes a beautiful look at Journalling as a tool for self-development and meditation. Over 6 weeks students will be guided through different journalling techniques to enable a feeling of letting go of stresses, emptying the mind of the clutter, and getting to know and trust your inner wisdom.

This can facilitate a space for change and acceptance. Which in turn allows meditation to become accessible, deeper, and potentially a guide in everyday life.

The pace is gentle, the space is nurturing and welcoming.

Please bring with you a journal or notebook, and pen.
As this is a course with a specific outcome, no casual attendance is allowed.
Investment $175 ( for full 6weeks)

Private Lessons

(always available)

1hr 15mins - $90

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Private lessons are a very powerful way learn the in's and out's of meditation.  Particularly helpful for those who suffer anxiety in groups, or who might like the opportunity to delve deeper then a group session will allow. The Awen room is a safe nurturing space that allows an opportunity to feel comfortable in sharing, and to let go. 

Each class although structured, will be tailored to your individual needs and will include instruction in areas such as;

*Overcoming distractions

*In depth teaching of the various stages of meditation

*Introduction to different methods

*The art of letting go

*How to create a meditation tool box

*The opportunity to participate in a guided meditation designed especially for you.

You will also receive hand out, take home exercises to enhance your practice and a private link so that you can re listen to your guided meditation as many times as you like.